LR2000 Liquid Rubber
Butyl rubber-based 100% waterproof coating, for long-lasting, high-quality protection.
  • Elastic
  • Multisurface
  • Waterproof even in contact with standing water.


Inaccessible flat and sloping roofs . Traffic-bearing flat roofs (with subsequent coating) .
Renewing old bituminous or asphalt coatings . Protection against damp for underground walls and foundations . Repairs to pipework and tanks for non-drinking water . Gutters, down pipes, planters, lift shafts and drains.
  • Concrete Cement
  • Fibre cement Metals
  • Wood
  • Asphalt and bituminous felt
How to apply
  • The surface must be clean.
  • Remove moss with Rubson Anti Moss. Repair cracks.
  • Neutralise cement surfaces with a solution of hydrochloric diluted 10-20% in water.
  • Make sure there is a slope to drain water away.
  • Seal joints with Rubson Waterproof Strip. Apply 2 criss-cross coats with brush or wool roller (3 coats for water tanks).
  • Do not apply at temperatures above 30ºC to avoid cracks in the product.
  • For new constructions or where there is a possibility of movement, use a reinforcing mesh between the 2 coats of Liquid Rubber.
  • For better sun resistance, sprinkle sand or gravel over the top coat while freshly applied.
  • For regular traffic, a subsequent coating is required. 
  • Butyl rubber based to guarantee total waterproofing.
  • Prevents leaks on flat roofs, even where there is standing water.
  • Remains flexible and stands up to expansion in the substrate without cracking.
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • (between -25ºC and +80ºC).
  • Adheres to slightly damp materials with no need to use a primer.
  • Contains neither asphalt nor tar.
  • Stops metal surfaces from rusting. 
Technical Features
  • Appearance: Sticky liquid
  • Density (20ºC): Approx 1.2g/ml
  • Inflammation point: Approx 25ºC
  • Brookfield LVF viscosity (20ºC): Approx 1700 – 1800 cP
  • Application temperature: Between 5ºC and 30ºC 
Rubson Liquid Rubber LR2000
58347kb - Download
Application Tools:
Brush or roller.
Application Methods:
2 coats undiluted. For water tanks, apply 3 coats.
1L/m2 for 2 coats.
(depending on the absorbency of the surface).

Dilution and Cleaning:
White spirit.
Drying Time:
Complete drying: 24h. 4 days in enclosed places and 3 or 4 weeks before filling water tanks (depending on humidity and temperature).
Interior / Exterior:
Interior and exterior.
Black, Grey, Terracotta.

Available in 1L, 5L and 20L formats.