PH 5000 Waterproofing Paint
Preventive and curative treatment for interior walls below ground level which are constantly subject to damp coming from the outside. It forms a waterproof barrier which insulates the wall from damp, guaranteeing total protection against infiltrations of water..
  • Damp-proof
  • Interior / Exterior
  • Can even be used on damp surfaces.

Where infiltrations from the outside cannot be eliminated, in basements, garages, cellars, store rooms and interior walls in general . Protects against rainwater and rising damp at the base of exterior walls, free-standing walls and planters.

How to apply
  • Remove all kinds of coating (colouring or wallpaper) and material in poor condition.
  • Plaster must be removed if it is very damp, as it will prevent proper cohesion.
  • Apply 2 criss-cross coats with a brush or wool roller.
  • It is advisable to treat the whole wall.
  • Concrete Cement Fibre Cement
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Highly waterproof paint which creates a barrier impermeable to water.
  • Effective protection for basements and walls where the source of infiltration of water cannot be eliminated.
  • White in colour, allowing for a decorative finish without any need for subsequent painting.
  • A universal pigment can be added to create a coloured finish.
  • It can be applied to damp surfaces.
  • Its consistency is suitable for penetrating porous substrates and assuring a good thickness in just a few coats.
  • It can be painted, covered with wallpaper, etc.
Technical Features
  • Appearance: Sticky liquid
  • Density (20ºC): Approx. 1.4g/ml
  • Inflammation point: Approx. 24ºC
  • Brookfield LVF viscosity (20ºC:) Approx. 2800cP
  • Application temperature: Between 5ºC and 30ºC.
PH 5000 Waterproofing Paint
58478kb - Download
Available in 5L format
Interior and Exterior
Drying Time:
Drying between coats: 4h. Complete drying: 24h (depending on humidity and temperature)
Diluition Textual:
White spirit
0.5L/m2 for 2 coats (depending on the absorbency of the substrate)
Application Methods:
Apply 2 criss-cross coats undiluted.
Application Tools:
Brush or roller.